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Technical Tips


Recommended browsers for these tutorials are:

Windows Windows Internet Explorer 6+, FireFox
Macintosh Safari or Netscape 7+.  Internet Explorer v.5 will work for most pages but NOT for quizzes.  IE on the Mac is no longer being developed or supported by Microsoft, and it was left in a state which does not properly support modern Web standards.

Colour Quality

Your computer should be displaying colours at 16 bit or higher.  To check or change this, go to the Settings tab on your computer's Display control panel.

Image Size

If you find the writings on the argument map graphics too small, you might lower the screen resolution of your computer's display.  This is done at the Settings tab of your computer's Display control panel.

A screen resolution of 800x600 is the minimum usable resolution (resulting in the maximum size of images) for these tutorials.


To ensure that all text and images print properly on a normal page (A4 or US Letter), print in landscape mode.

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