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Tutorial 1 - Simple Arguments

Tutorial 1 is concerned with simple arguments - what they are, and how to map them.  It covers:

  • What simple arguments are

  • The two main kinds

  • How to map them

  • Some rules for producing proper maps

Simple arguments are the most elementary units of reasoning.  A proper understanding of how they work is essential for mastery of reasoning and argument more generally.

If you find the first tutorial quite easy, just move through it quickly.  Don't skip over it, however, since clarity on the fundamentals is crucial for later tutorials.

The examples used in Tutorial 1 are all drawn from the article Apollo Moon Landings (pdf file).  If you haven't done so already, you really should download this article and read it thoroughly.  It would help a lot to have a printed copy with you.  Numbers next to an example indicate the corresponding location in the text, e.g., (6.1) refers to page 6, paragraph 1.




1.1 Reasons
1.2 Contentions
1.3 Objections
1.4 Simple Arguments
1.5 Use Sentences
1.6 No Reasoning in Boxes
1.7 Summary
Exercise 1.1
Exercise 1.2
Exercise 1.3
Exercise 1.4
Exercise 1.5
Exercise 1.6

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