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Argumentation Scheme Explanation

Argumentation schemes are schematizations or templates of common types of arguments.
The idea behind studying these schemes is that familiarizing yourself with these patterns of reasoning will help you to identify and critical assess instances of these arguments when you encounter them. 

The schemes help with critical assessment in a number of ways.
They can help you identify when arguments are well formed, and how they differ from fallacies of similar appearance. (On this point the Rationale Schemes have been specifically designed to help with).
The schemes also indicate what information is required to make such a move in a debate, as they outline what premises are in need of defense.
Furthermore, they can help you to identify what challenges can be legitimately made against the argument. Douglas Walton’s set is particularly helpful in this regard because it provides a number of critical questions for almost every argumentation scheme.
In this part of the Publi Maps are 4 sets of argumentation schemes. The first has been designed by the Rationale team to be as clear as possible in argument map form.  The others are from the work academics in the fields of informal logic and argument analysis.  The references to there work are provided on their individual maps, and are well worth reading if you want to gain a thorough understanding of argument schemes.

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