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An iterative summary of the latest arguments for COVID vaccine safety - the map incorporates both reasoning for, and against.


This map examines the arguments (and evidence) for, and against, getting a COVID vaccine. I update it regularly to include the latest objections and responses to objection - based on vaccine skeptics who are friends of mine, students of mine, and prominent figures in my community and... based on consensus among immunologists, virologists (per peer-reviewed journals) and per friends of mine who are scientists working in the field of molecular biology and immunology. Thus far (as of March 25, 2021), it's clear that it's our ethical duty to get vaccinated as soon as these are available to one. If there are any claims for which you have questions or seek further citations, etc, please add to the comments and then I will adjust the map appropriately, ie, add in those sources and/or reasons and/or objections, time permitting.


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