All Public Maps available in Rationale now

Thu, 15 Jan 2015 14:03:19 GMT · by Rationale · 0 comments »

From now on you can see all the maps that are made Public by Rationale users here.
The maps out of the Rationale WIKI can also be found here.

You can access the Public maps from the Rationale homepage menu and in the grey ribbon at the top in the backend view. A Search-function will be added later.

When you share a map with the public:

  • Be sure that nothing in your shared content is copyrighted to anything or anyone else than yourself. In case of complaints about copyright, Rationale has the right to change the status of the map to Unlisted.
  • Use a name that covers the content of the map.
  • Use well-chosen tags to help people find your map.

The Rationale Team


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