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Exercise 5.2 Model Answer

This argument map was used as an example of a rejoinder in Tutorial 4:

  1. Decide whether the rejoinder is a premise objection or an inference objection.
  2. If it is an inference objection, produce an argument map showing the inference objection as an objection to a co-premise.
Model Answer

The rejoinder is an inference objection.


The rejoinder does not object to the main premise of the reason, which is a claim about the size LRV.  It says that the main contention does not follow from that premise.

To map the rejoinder, we need to articulate all the co-premises of the reason.  The second co-premise was given by the author in the text [8.4]; the third is obviously needed to connect the first two with the contention

The objection presents evidence against the third premise.  You can stow something 3.1 x 2.3 x 1.14 in a space 4.3 x 3.2 while leaving room for other equipment if that object is folded up first.  Which is not such a strange idea.  I have a tent which is much larger than my car, but can easily stow it in the car by folding it up first.

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