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Tutorial 5 - Inference Objections
Tutorials 3 and 4 covered the structure of complex arguments.  We haven't been paying much attention to how this structure (disputes, chains, webs, etc.) relates to the internal structure of simple arguments (co-premises).

There is one place however where it is crucial that we look closely at the interplay between these two levels of structure

That is when we try to map certain kinds of objections, known as inference objections.

To follow this tutorial and to do the exercises, you should have a good grasp of all the previous tutorials, especially Tutorial 2



5.1 Premise Objections
5.2 Inference Objections
5.3 Complex Arguments
5.4 Mapping Inference Objections
5.5 Premise and Inference Rebuttals
5.6 Mapping Inference Rebuttals
5.7 Summary
Quiz - Tutorial 5
Exercise 5.1
Exercise 5.2
Exercise 5.3
Exercise 5.4
Exercise 5.5

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