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Tutorial 4 - Multi-Layer Arguments
No doubt you're already aware that there is another dimension in which arguments can become more complicated.  As well as having many reasons or objections bearing upon a single contention, we can have many layers of argument: reasons backing up reasons, objections to reasons and so on. 

Tutorial 4 covers the basics of multi-layer arguments, including what they are and how to map them.  We look at

  • the four fundamental kinds of two-layer arguments
  • arguments with more than two layers
  • complex arguments which are multi-layer and multi-reason
  • two common mistakes in mapping multi-layer arguments




4.1 Reasons for Reasons
4.2 Main Contention
4.3 Reasons for Objections
4.4 Rejoinders
4.5 Rebuttals
4.6 Chains of Reasoning
4.7 Argument Webs
4.8 Support versus Co-premise I
4.9 Support versus Co-premise II
4.10 Missing Layers
4.11 Summary
Quiz - Tutorial 4
Exercise 4.1
Exercise 4.2
Exercise 4.3
Exercise 4.4
Exercise 4.5

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