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Is there a way to have collaboration maps show up in My Maps ? Students invited me to collaborate on their maps and I then comment on those maps. Is there way for me to "keep in touch" with that map and check in a few days later to see what changes students have made without the student having to re-invite me again ? In the past some of the collaboration maps showed up in my maps but I am not sure what I did to make this happen. Any advice ?

6 years ago

Hi @Markus,

by default the maps which are shared with you are automatically placed in the folder "Shared With Me". There are two posibilities why you can not find the map in there:

  1. You have moved the map from the "Shared With Me" folder to a different folder, you can do a search to find the map.
  2. The owner of the map doesn't share the map with you anymore.



by rob
6 years ago

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