Relocating "Extra" to "Grouping"

I am thinking of "Reasoning" and "Advanced Reasoning" as being helpful for testing purposes, that is once you figure your argument you can map it logical structure and support it with evidence. However, analysis also has an exploratory and more descriptive size for which the Extra and Grouping features are useful. Would it not make sense to merge those two features into one and the same heading. It would clarify the purpose of the extra features and make them easier to use in conjunction with the Grouping features.

by Markus
4 years ago

Hi Marcus,

The activity of grouping (creating or specifying groups) is a fundamental aspect of thinking. Its importance though is being neglected. Grouping has its own fundamental rules (see the e-book and the Tutorials), being different from eg. the activity of reasoning. This alone justifies a separate heading.

By making a separate tab for grouping we stress the importance of making the distinction between Grouping maps (relations / lines within a map are referring to inclusiveness) and Reasoning maps (lines in a map are signifying evidential relations). Including the icons for dialogue and decision mapping out of the tab Extra into the tab Grouping would make no sense: what would be the fundamental common denominator?

BTW.: I am reading now Daniel Levitin's 'The organized mind'; he has a separate chapter on the importance and necessity of so-called 'junk drawers'. A junk drawer is like the tab Extra within Rationale. I would like to know how many readers of this post have / do not have a junk drawer in their kitchen/ home.

by timo
4 years ago

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