Blank line within a box (advanced reasoning mode)

Hi there,

I use argument maps to keep track not only of my own thinking, but also of arguments that are by others in the academic literature. When doing the latter, I would much like to be able to indicate the sources for particular claims/premises. This is why I wonder if it could be made possible for users to insert blank lines in a premise box? This would make it possible to have a boxes that show both specific claim and relevant references, clearly separated by a blank line, like so:

Premise/claim statement

(cf. Spiro 2006:x; Tager 2006:y)

Alternatively, would you have any other ideas for realising my objective? Because at present, I use the 'notes' function to record sources for claims, and that quickly becomes impracticable as the number of references and/or the complexity of the argument increase.

Many thanks! Marcus

by wolf3533
3 years ago

Update: I have found that it is possible to achieve what i want by formatting the text as wanted in the scratchpad and by then pasting the formatted text with blank lines into the relevant box.

My difficulty stemmed from the fact that when editing a box, the pressing of 'enter' results in an exit from Edit mode.

by wolf3533
3 years ago

Hi Wolf3533,

Maybe you can make what you need too by pressing Shift+ Enter in a box?

And what do you think of using Basis boxes as a source?

Best regards, Timo ter Berg

by timo
3 years ago

HI Timo, Shift+enter works beautifully - that's exactly what i need. Thanks! Marcus

by wolf3533
3 years ago

Hi @wolf3533,

Here you will find an overview of all the shortcuts supported by Rationale.

Regards, Rob

by rob
3 years ago

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