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I use Chrome browser on a Macbook.

  1. Why is it possible to scroll up/down with two fingers touch but not left/right?

  2. Also, when having larger maps, say >5 independent complex arguments, it's quite a hassle to sort arguments and move them around. When I try to move an argument box from left to right out of screen it takes a long time to reach the end-point. Many times the argument is left unattached somewhere during the drag operation. I know I can zoom out (though can't read it then anymore), but that doesn't add to the user experience. I hope this can be improved slightly.

by vanderhoeven
26 days ago

Hi @vanderhoeven,

  1. No particular reason, I will see if we can support left/right scrolling, will keep you informed.
  2. If you have many really big maps in one file it can slow down the editor, depending on which browser you use (chrome is best) and computer power. One argument map per file will speed things up.

by rob
17 days ago


  1. Thanks!
  2. Perhaps I didn't explain well. It is not about multiple maps, but related to multiple arguments (premisses) in a single map. The map then often becomes very wide (wider than the active screen) and dragging arguments around becomes cumbersome since it seems to be impossible to drag them to a place outside of the active screen. The map doesn't move along with it. A solution would be to zoom out, but then the map becomes unreadable. Please let me know if this makes sense.

Example dummy map:

Try to move the left geen argument to the most right position without zooming out, so still being able to read the text.

by vanderhoeven
16 days ago

Hi @vanderhoeven,

  1. It seems not that easy to support this, we will try to support this in the next major release (Q3/Q4 2019).
  2. There a more ways to add boxes to a map, not only by dragging them from the building panel.

    • You can create a new box by double clicking on the workspace, to change the type of the box you can use the "Change Box" options from the toolbar.
    • There are many shortcuts which you can use to create/add new boxes, see shortcuts.

by rob
14 days ago

Hi Rob,

  1. Ok, thanks.
  2. It's not about adding <new> boxes, but moving around <existing> boxes. When dragging boxes around in e.g. Visio or Mindmanager the background moves with the box when hitting a boundary. Rationale in Chrome doesn't do that, which makes it difficult to re-arrange arguments in a larger map.

Ik heb veel maps met meervoudige complexe argumentatie. Naarmate het aantal argumenten toeneemt, zal de map niet meer in het scherm passen. Je kunt dan uitzoomen, maar dan wordt de tekst onleesbaar. Wanneer bestaande argumenten herschikt moeten worden, bijv. door het eerste (meest linkerargument) als laatste te plaatsen (helemaal naar rechts slepen), blijkt dat het scherm niet meebeweegt met het argument. In de praktijk moet je het argument loslaten, dan het scherm verplaatsen om vervolgens het argument verder slepen. Dit maakt het gebruik omslachtig. Voor zover ik weet kun je met de shortcuts weliswaar knippen/plakken, maar niet een argument tussen andere bestaande argumenten plaatsen. Ik hoop dat dit iets duidelijker is :)

by vanderhoeven
14 days ago

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