Integrating two separate maps


As a group we have been working on two separate maps to build different arguments with the idea of later putting them together in one. Now we have build our individuals maps, but we have problems trying to copy the one argument and put it together with the other. Is there actually a way of doing so without having to copy one of the arguments by hand ?

Your help will be greatly appreciated!

5 years ago

Hi Stefan,

Choose a map by clicking left on the contention, Next, right click on the contention, select Copy and paste it on the work space of the other map.

Now you can easily make one map of them on the same work space.

Best, Timo

by timo
5 years ago

Dear Tim,

Thank you for your reply. This was of course also the first things we tried, but despite our hundreds of attempts it has failed thus far. Are there any other options?


5 years ago

Hi Stefan,

If you copy/paste a big map, it can take a while. You can try it first with a little map, to see how it works.



by rob
5 years ago

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