Problems with 'copying as image' and with exporting maps

I need to paste a picture of a map into another application, but I've tried both the 'copy as image' and the 'export to PNG' function and in both cases all I get is a picture of the map in a browser window. I can neither paste it nor save it to my desktop.

To make matters even worse, my map is reformatted (box dimensions and text arrangement are changed).

Has anyone else had this problem? How did you solve it?

by yxr
6 years ago


When you copy a - part of - a map, a new tab is opened in your browser. Do allow for pop up screens in your browser, otherwise the new tab is blocked; you will see a red little cross in your browser when this is the case.

Next, save the image from the new tab to a map on your computer (click with the right mouse button on the image in the tab, choose: 'Save as...') and insert it in your application.

by timo
6 years ago

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