Mistakes in Essay Planning Template for 'Hypothesis' Argument

The essay planning template for the hypothesis argument appears to have potentially swapped 2b with 2c? Or perhaps some other mistake? Regardless, even the example version of the arguments (about acetic acid concentrations among vinegar samples) just doesn't make sense. Also, are all of these boxes really questions? No contentions at all? It's too bad, Rationale is such a wonderful product, with great resources and UI overall....but as a user, sometimes it feels like at certain points the developers kind of gave up...or ran out of money? The product is still useable, but it would be great to just finish strong with stuff like this. Also, as a development recommendation, it would be great if there was an import function to upload community-based (or even Rationale designed) new and improved templates. But at minimum, the existing templates need to be proofed. Thanks, Mike

by mruderman
10 months ago

Dear Mike,

Thank you for your message.

  1. These templates are suggesting ways of tackling a question, not giving an argument. They are not reasoning maps but grouping maps. And they can be done in all kinds of different ways.

  2. Rationale is a niche product . The usability is very broad but Rationale is not recognized as such. This means that we are running a very tight ship in regard to making investments. Priority number one is keeping Rationale available as it is now.

  3. A lecturer can always email us with the suggestion of a template she would like to insert in the Building Panel. When there are enough paying users we can maked a special version of Rationale for that group that includes the template. So feel free to make suggestions!

Thank you for using Rationale,

Best, Timo

by timo
10 months ago

Thanks for your reply. I understand and agree.

by mruderman
10 months ago

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