Rationale on iPad: Advanced Reasoning


I am having trouble creating argument maps using the advanced reasoning objects. For instance, if I add a contention box and a reason box, these initially appear ok—green surround. But when I drag the reason to the contention, the green and "supports" text disappears. The result looks like two contention boxes joined together.

I can join two reason boxes without losing the formatting, and then join these to a contention box. However, when I try to add an objection, the red surround changes immediately to green when a connection is formed.

Is there some special technique that should be used?

I am using Safari on the latest version of IOS.

6 years ago

Hi Roger,

be sure to select the outside of the reason box and not the box inside the reason box, before you drag it.



by rob
6 years ago


Thanks. I also discovered that once an advanced reasoning object is on the map, a basic reasoning object morphs into the equivalent advanced.



6 years ago

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