Is my map too big for iOS?

Hi Rob,

I have been working on my Brexit map on my iPad Pro ( and experiencing issues:

  • slow performance: sometimes there's a noticeable delay while the display updates after a change, or the system takes time to respond to a save command.

  • Unstable behaviour: switching from Safari with the map tab open to another app and returning to Safari causes a "crash" in that the map reloads losing any changes that have not been saved.

  • Safari locks up so that other open tabs cannot be selected.

  • Behaviour in other apps becomes erratic.

These don't all happen all the time, but it is becoming harder to make changes in the map without something going wrong.

My hypothesis is that the map is now too large for iOS to handle. What do you think?



5 years ago

Hi Roger,

yes, that could be the case.



by rob
5 years ago

Bummer! It was all going so well.

5 years ago

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