Adding Reasons and Objections

On Win 10 running Chrome 77 (tried with MS Edge) with same results)

In the Reasoning section, I open the Example template (Voting Compulsory) I cannot do the following: 1 Move a Reason as shown in the video tutorial. The connecting line breaks and reason is no longer connected. No obvious way anywhere on how to reconnect 2 If I try to add Reason or Objection the additional branch to the Contention is not created. It will only insert in between Contention and either Reason or Objection

The same issues occur trying to add any components to the templates in Essay Planning. Thank you

by marcomessina
2 years ago

Hi Marcomessina,

Templates have a fixed form you cannot change by adding boxes (except Basis boxes). The reason for this is that otherwise the Export to text function would not be possible.

Best regards, Timo ter Berg

by timo
2 years ago

Or, better: The option of making pre-formed texts of a map by exporting a template in the Essay planner function would not be possible

by timo
2 years ago

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