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Hi everyone! As we launch Rationale forums, the support forum will be home to a wide range of topics, including bug reports, feature requests, showing off maps with some 'problems', and other general feedback about Rationale.

Bug reports

To help us better respond to your posts, please include the following information with any bug reports:

  • a description of the bug
  • a set of instructions for how we can reproduce the bug
  • web browser and version number (try going to about:version)
  • operating system and version
  • a link to a public Rationale map, when relevant
  • a screenshot of any visual glitches, display problems, etc. when relevant (try imgur.com for hosting screenshots)

How to show maps

Use the

[rationale] **ID GOES HERE** [/rationale]

convenient BBcode-like Rationale inclusion tags to help you do so. On any details page for a map you've made, you'll see a "Make public" button right above the map thumbnail picture. After clicking it, you'll see "Rationale forums and comments" under the "Link & Share" section. Copy and paste that tag into any forum post to get a quick image link to your map.

General feedback

Love it (or not)? Post a thread and let us know.


by rob
6 years ago

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