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I have several student's to share comments with on a map . What is the best way to get them the feedback without having to type every students email address - for sharing ? Can I make a folder and share everything in the folder - kinda like google drive ? Currently when they make a map, they just submit the public or unlisted URL to me and I open up the map to edit and comment - but then I realized , i am not sure the best way to get the info back to them ? Kevin

6 years ago

Hi Kevin,

when you share a map for collaboration, you can make use of the groups feature. Do this:

  1. Set the access control of the map to collaboration.
  2. Create a group, under the groups header, by typing a group name in the "Add group..." text box.
  3. Add all the students to this group, by adding there email address or username in the "Add username or email address..." text box.
  4. Now add this group to the read/write or read-only list.

This group is saved, so you can reuse this group for other maps.

by rob
6 years ago

There must be a better way because I would have to look up and add individually 45 email addresses ! What about putting all my maps I want them to review in a folder and then just posting the link to the folder? or make the maps public, create a tag, and have students search for the tag?

6 years ago


the last suggestion you do, tagging, will also work.

by rob
6 years ago

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