From Basic to Educational Upgrade

Hi: Has anyone had this problem? I purchased the basic account for a year afterward discovered that I could have used my educational to purchase for a lower rate for a year in comparison to what I paid. Updated to using my college email and information, yet the account has not updated. I tried to contact the company and have not heard from them, nor seeing the updated license for my services. Please advise quickly in order to do my classwork using Rationale.

Thanks, Margaret

5 years ago

Hi Margaret,

You emailed our company with a request for an update 20 minutes before you wrote this post, so quite understandable you received no reaction yet.

Think about it: Just changing your email address cannot change your subscription.

I will organize the update by answering your email.


by timo
5 years ago

Thank you, Timo for the response and following up with my email. I appreciate all that you have done for me to fulfill my At classwork assignment. I am still learning how to effectively use your program while organizing my paper.

Margaret Daniels

5 years ago

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