Tips on reading & printing Tutorials, Guide, Help and E-book

Last week we moved the Tutorials to the same environment as the E-book, Rationale Help and Rationale Guide. One reason to do so was to make translations possible: e.g. we plan to publish a Spanish translation of the Tutorials soon.

We received a question about readability & usability. Here some tips:

  • scrolling to the next page is done by using the upward and downwards arrows on your keyboard or by clicking on the arrows on top in the left panel.

  • enlarging text or images is done by giving Control + on your keyboard.

  • printing: you can print each page by clicking on the print icon in the right panel at the top.

  • when you need the e-book as a hard copy: you can buy it here.

Please let us know your suggestions.

Timo ter Berg

by timo
6 years ago

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